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1, the production capacity: in 2002 our company has imported advanced set of mature production technology and equipment, which we are now both in the quality of the heating coil in shape, making our technology have been close to international standards, domestic Hot Runner Inc., the only set of heating elements and a full set of hot runner production capacity of one of the hot runner company.

2. R & D capacity: After nearly 10 years of hot runner system exploration and discussion, we are now a hot runner of their own standards, especially in our preforms, caps and so on more than 1 cavity and thin-walled products Solutions in the industry has reached the advanced level in the ranks.

3. Observe the integrity Snow: "The customer is the faith of God, the quality is the fundamental business philosophy of" everything in the production process, we will be after the company's quality control staff to strictly control testing, so that we submitted to the customer's hands Each product is a qualified product. So as to ensure that the largest customers and the interests of our own development.

4. Shipping process: In order to better ensure that customers test the model, customers in Taizhou test module to install hot runner, we will send the company's best engineers come to you for free services. Solve the customer's worries, but we have customers in Zhejiang Province free of charge door-to-door. "Shanghai, Ningbo, Yuyao, and other places, the installation of hot runner, the test model we will send technical engineers to install door-to-door"

5. After-sales service: 000 foreign hot runner system is processed into refined, and therefore our warranty for one year. Name products easy-to-ocean hot runner assembly and demolition, failure can easily replace the parts.