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Taizhou Huangyan of foreign hot runner mold factory is set to develop, manufacture, sales of specialized hot runner, has advanced production equipment, high-quality technical talent, good after-sale service, product on the market, Won the majority of customer trust and support of the Company's production of foreign hot runner injection system can provide customers with a variety of standard and non-standard required for the hot jet, the diversion plate, temperature control, heating coil, heat flow, such as thermocouple Road systems and related accessories. ① heat nozzle, separate boards and sum up lessons at home and abroad-the-art technology, continuous research and development to improve the performance of products, and so the appearance of a certain superiority. ② hot runner needle of the Company autonomy is an important R & D, (000 ocean heat flow) to constantly improve and innovate so that the product has a high precision, stable performance, long life, reasonable prices and so on. I committed the same paragraph with the hot runner in the same paragraph with the material quality, the price is lower than peer into more than one!

※ Hot Runner series to provide services: design, manufacturing, technical advice and after-sales service and so on.

※ provide hot runner accessories: hot mouth, industry outlet, temperature, etc..

※ I am committed to the Division: Division I who sold the products, are one year warranty!

Your satisfaction is our greatest honor! ! !

Purpose of the operation: So as to the quality of service to win customers.

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