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Taizhou Huangyan of foreign hot runner mold factory is set to develop, manufacture, sales of specialized hot runner, has advanced production equipment, high-quality technical talent, good after-sale service, product on the market, Won the majority of customer trust and support of the Company's production of foreign hot runner injection system can provide customers with a variety of standard and non-standard required for the hot jet, the diversion plate, temperature control, heating coil, heat flow, such as thermocouple Road systems and related accessories. ① heat nozzle, separate boards and sum up lessons at home and abroad-the-art technology, continuous research and development to improve the performance of products, and so the appearance of a certain superiority. ② hot runner needle of the Company autonomy is an important R & D, (000 ocean heat flow) to constantly improve and innovate so that the product has a high precision, stable performance, long life, reasonable prices and so on. I committed the same paragraph with the hot runner in the same paragraph with the material quality, the price is lower than peer into more than one!

Nozzle series:
provide a number of the gate in the form of series, meet the needs of different mold plastic parts or demand;
melt evenly balance the distribution of heat; flow smooth and easy to change color;
use of high-quality steel, the coefficient of thermal expansion of small and difficult to deformation;
provide an open nozzle needle and nozzle, open the main nozzle, including straight-through nozzles and point the nozzle gate;

Gate points:
The most widely used open a nozzle, small traces of the gate, pieces of plastic with enhanced aesthetic appearances, a good color for effect, as the nozzle away from the core cavity close to the end of the expected Department, the lower injection pressure, thereby reducing the molding cycle And the need to remove material to cool handle and improved productivity. According to the gate can be different sizes and injection materials to provide different types of Tsui Tsim gate.

Straight-through gate:
straight-through gate to provide larger gate size, large-volume injection molding, and have a good effect of decompression to enable rapid prototyping of products; reduce the stress of injection molding products, thus greatly reducing the distortion products.

Nozzle needle:
needle valve by pneumatic or hydraulic control, can effectively reduce the molding cycle to improve the speed of injection;
No traces of the gate, can effectively improve the quality of the surface is widely used in precision surface processing;
injection materials for a good adaptation, the process can be difficult to shape materials, and injection molding to achieve the best results.

Diversion plate series:
hot runner for the design of the heating plate and wire rod embedded in uniform streaming flow on both sides and the exclusive use of electric, so that the diversion of the board has always been uniform and stable temperature;
use of high-quality steel mold (H13), after quenching vacuum, the hardness of up to 42 degrees.
flow of traffic parallel flow design, hole on the surface smooth, lag-free material point of death, to ensure the smooth flow without resistance;

Temperature-controlled box series:
I co-production of ordinary, card-type, multi-function LCD temperature-controlled box-shape generous beautiful, durable, but also with the international fuzzy PID control and other advanced features, soft start, manually, automatically, and other multi - Of the simple mode of operation.
using microprocessor control, PID with fuzzy logic control technology and self-tuning and adaptive function
soft-start when the electric ring in admitted cold, the heat started to wave and a buffer row, extending the life of electric components
automatically set the best parameters to control, temperature control accuracy up to ± 1 ℃
a multi-state breakdown shows that the police can be found in time to solve the problem
output interface to adopt common international standard industrial socket, and is widely used in countries around the world heat system
J-K-type thermocouple can exchange with each other
My company can provide customers with reliable quality of the rectangular connector security, the international standard, widely used in industrial and other hot runner in the field

Heating coil spring:
I is the first domestic and foreign enterprises in the production of hot runner heating elements of the middle one, I produced the heating elements, "heating coil, heating rods, heating pipes, Thermocouple" not only high precision, good quality and stability of the heating, Durable, affordable, more than one year warranty. Widely used in hot runner, packaging machinery, plastic injection machinery, heat treatment, such as in the field. Has become a well-known large domestic production of hot runner and mold manufacturers of long-term supplier, and we can provide customers with a variety of specifications section, power, the length of a special heating elements.

Technical Note